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Mama's Famous Cannoli Chips...Now you can share!!!


About Mama's Famous Cannoli Chips ONLINE

Mama's story...

Baking was a way of the family coming together and sharing their love for each other and love of creating unique versions of traditional Italian desserts. Mama baked with her mother and Nona making all kinds of delicious desserts but her favorite was always... Cannoli. She would pay close attention to every intricate detail helping her elders and working for hours to get everything just right. Mama would eventually come to America and have a family of her own. Oh man... how I and everyone would look forward to those special occasions when Mama would make her mouth watering Cannoli. Fresh, crisp and creamy... what a treat! Everyone loved Mama's Cannoli but they were messy and sometimes one was just too much. At one festive occasion, Mama and I thought, how could we make Mama's traditional Cannoli easier to SHARE with the world and Mama's Famous Cannoli Chips were born! Now everyone can Share Mama's delicious Cannoli with friends and family...

The Son

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